June 25, 2021

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In an ongoing escalation … 8 civilians killed by Russian raids on southern Idlib.

In an ongoing escalation … 8 civilians killed by Russian raids on southern Idlib.

Eight civilians were killed and others were injured Saturday when the Russian air force bombed the vicinity of Khan Shaykhun, south of Idlib, by several airstrikes, as part of a military campaign launched by the regime and the Russians in north-west Syria since last February.

AlKul reporter in Idlib said: “The Russian warplanes targeted the outskirts of the city of Khan Shaykhun at dawn today, killing eight civilians, including women and children.”

he stressed on that the regime and Russia deliberately targeting civilians and the displaced in the city and its outskirts directly.

Our correspondent also said that the artillery of the regime has targeted in conjunction with the bombing on Khan Shaykhun, the towns of Hobait, Abdin, Sheikh Mustafa and Kafr Ein in the same countryside without injuries.

The shelling comes a day after 10 civilians, including two women and one child were killed by the regime warplanes targeting the cities of Ma’arat al-Nu’man, Idlib and Arihah south of Idlib.

Since February, the regime, supported by Russia, has not stopped bombing on civilians in the area of the fourth “de-escalation zone” north-west of Syria, killing hundreds of civilians and the displacement of hundreds of thousands in addition to the destruction of infrastructure and vital facilities.

And the failure of the Security Council to reach a presidential decision or statement on the situation in Idlib, during five meetings held on Syria within two months.

Idlib and northern and western Hama are part of the demilitarized zone set out in the Sochi Agreement between Russia and Turkey last September, as well as within the fourth de-escalation zone set by the guarantors of the Astana negotiations (Turkey, Russia, and Iran) in September 2017.