June 25, 2021

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Bolton is carrying a map of dividing the region to Ankara. and president Erdogan calls for a stabilization force.

Bolton is carrying a map of dividing the region to Ankara. and president Erdogan calls for a stabilization force.

On the eve of the arrival of US national security adviser John Bolton headed a high-level delegation to Ankara … Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his country’s vision for a solution in Syria, especially with regard to the border areas and East Euphrates, stressing the importance  of managing areas under the control of YPG and ISIS, The US Wall Street Journal reported that Bolton was carrying with him to Ankara a map described by a US official as similar to the secret Sykes-Picot agreement between Britain and France.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed the importance of the Syrian people to have confidence in their future, not to feel a gap between them and whom is their leader, and that terrorist organizations do not exploit the injustices suffered by the local population.

President Erdogan said in an article in The New York Times: The first step to be taken in this regard is the establishment of a stabilization force that includes fighters of all races of Syrian society. This entity, which will bring together all communities, can achieve security and order by providing services to all citizens. And so, I say on this occasion: We have no problem at all with the Kurds of Syria.

The Turkish president also pointed out that another priority for Turkey in Syria is to achieve adequate political representation of all communities. All Syrian territory under the control of YPG or ISIS will be managed by local councils declared by the people under Turkish control. Any person not connected with any terrorist organization is entitled to represent his or her community within the local administrations.

He added that in the councils that will be established in Kurdish-majority areas in northern Syria, the majority of the representatives will be from the Kurdish community, but other communities will also be given the opportunity to benefit from the right to fair political representation. Experienced Turkish officials will provide advice to these councils in such areas as municipal affairs, education, health and emergency services.

President Erdogan said Turkey is willing to take all steps related to this process through cooperation and coordination with allied and friend countries. Our country participated in the Geneva and Astana talks, and we also consider a common denominator that can work simultaneously with Russia and the United States. On the basis of these partnerships, we will settle the issue in Syria.

“It is time for the forces of all parties to join together to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria and to eliminate ISIS that is an enemy of Islam and Muslims in all parts of the globe.” Turkey bears its responsibilities in this most critical period of history, and we are confident that the international community will support us during this phase.

Erdogan’s remarks coincide with the start of US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s visit to Ankara, which arrived yesterday at the head of a delegation of senior US envoy to Syria and to the international coalition James Jeffrey and Chief of Staff Joseph Danford.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton will visit Ankara with a map for dividing the region, which will identify places that oppose the entry of Turkish troops to.

A US official described the map as similar to the secret Sykes-Picot Agreement between Britain and France, which divided the Middle East into many colonial areas.

According to the US newspaper, the Kurdish “PKK” militias asked the American envoy, James Jeffrey, not to hit some areas under their control in Syria and that by dividing the region.

Yeni Şafak pointed out that the map was drawn to protect the Kurdish PKK militia, which Turkey classifies as a terrorist organization.

Bolton had told reporters during his visit to Israel yesterday that Washington does not want any Turkish military action in Syria without coordination with it.

Bolton added that the US withdrawal from Syria is conditional on the defeat of ISIS and that Turkey guarantees the safety of the Kurdish militias, stressing that the withdrawal would not occur without an agreement to protect the Kurds.

A spokesman for the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, said in response that Turkey does not target the Kurds but targets terrorist organizations, and seeks to spread security and achieve peace in Syria.

He added: “One of Turkey’s goals is to combat PKK and spread it in Syria, and to rid the Kurds of injustice and oppression of this terrorist organization.”

Trump announced last Wednesday that the United States would withdraw from Syria slowly “over a period of time” and that it would protect the Kurdish fighters which US support in the country when it withdraws its troops.