June 25, 2021

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Turkey responds to Bolton’s statements and asserts that it targets only terrorist groups.

Turkey responds to Bolton’s statements and asserts that it targets only terrorist groups.

The spokesman for the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin: the allegations of Turkey targeting the Kurds is not acceptable, stressing that terrorists don’t represent the Kurds, and that the claim that a terrorist organization represents the Kurds is primarily abusive to our Kurdish brothers, in response to statements made by National Security Advisor of the United States in Israel yesterday that “the withdrawal of US troops from Syria depends on certain conditions, including Turkey’s ensuring the safety of the” Kurdish fighters. “

The Turkish presidential spokesman stressed in statements quoted by Anadolu Agency that his country targets “ISIS”, “Gülen organization”, and “PKK, PYD, YPG” terrorists, pointing out that the goal of Turkey fighting the PKK organization’s extension in Syria is to rid the Kurds of the injustice and oppression of this terrorist organization. “

He said: Turkey’s goal of combating terrorism is to protect its national security, achieve regional peace, and ensure stability and security.

Earlier, the US national security adviser, John Bolton, said: “The withdrawal of US troops from Syria depends on the fulfillment of certain conditions, including Turkey’s ensuring the safety of ” Kurdish fighters ” in reference to the militants of the terrorist organizations, YPG and PKK, and to ensure the continuation of the fight against ISIS, according to the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” yesterday.

Bolton confirmed in statements before his meeting with Netanyahu, that President Trump confirmed that the US withdrawal from Syria will not be without an agreement to protect the Kurds, in reference to the People’s Protection Units (YPG), who control large areas in northeastern Syria.

On the other hand, Kalin stressed that Turkey is determined to continue its efforts to end the war in Syria without distinguishing between the Syrian brothers in terms of ethnicity, religion, and sect, and to achieve security and the implementation of the political transition.

“Turkey will be on the ground and at the negotiating tables in order to protect its national interests,” he said. “From the principle announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan,” we will be in the field and at the negotiating table.”

Kalin also stressed that Turkey aims in its policy towards Syria to maintain the unity of the Syrian territories and to purge them of all terrorist organizations, and the creation of social and political conditions for the return of civilians to their homes safely.

The US Security Advisor Bolton, has several files related to the US withdrawal from Syria, during his tour, which began yesterday in Israel and will include Turkey also, while some sources said that Bolton tour will include areas of eastern Euphrates and Moscow, while Bolton is accompanied by the US envoy to Syria and the international coalition James Jeffrey, and Chief of Staff Joseph Danford.

The American national security adviser said: The US withdrawal from Syria must be done with the assurance of defending Israel and other friends to the US in the region and paying attention to those who fought alongside the United States against ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Bolton said in a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel on Sunday that the US and Israeli sides discussed the decision to withdraw from Syria.

Bolton also pointed that not all the troops of 2,000 US soldiers might be withdrawn, adding that the withdrawal would be from northern Syria, and some troops in the south would remain at the al-Tanf base as part of efforts to face Iran’s presence.

And a US State Department official said: “The Turkish government agrees with the United States that the military units under Iranian control should leave Syrian territory.”

“Turkey agrees with us that it is in no one’s interest to form the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a base for showing off power in Syria that can be used against its neighbors,” the US official said according to TASS Russian News Agency.

While Bolton’s trip comes as part of US efforts to reassure the Allies about Trump’s withdrawal of troops from Syria.

And the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will begin a three-day tour on Tuesday, including Oman, Cairo, Manama, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, Muscat, and Kuwait.